Because we feel the soul of "house smugglers", houses that we pamper as best as possible by giving them back all their soul, health, style and many of us, in which we welcome you for a few years, then comes the day when we let's entrust them to others to write a new page... For us, the pride of renovations and transmissions well carried out and the prospect of freeing up time and resources for new personal or professional projects.

In 2022, we sold our 2 large houses for 5 and 6 people: the dear "Un Bateau sous mon Transat" and "La Mer est belle".

These 2 large houses now live another life as a second home with carefully chosen new owners: Sandrine, Catherine & Loïc.

A thought for our regulars of 5 or 6 whom we have received as friends or family since the beginning and whose children we have seen growing up from year to year during the school holidays, as well as to the couples who have chosen these 2 houses exclusively to which they were very attached, we will be so happy to see you again in our other lodgings.


x SOLD x


x SOLD x